About us

Torino Emotion is an incoming tour operator born from the deep knowledge of the city and regional territory, created by Turinese professionals of tourism and communication who are IN LOVE with the place where they live; it offers a new and innovative point of view on beauties, roots, history, music, sport and cultural events, traditions and great transformations of a city that was able to change its identity in less than a decade.

Torino Emotion, Incoming Tour Operator affiliated with Turismo Torino e Provincia, perfectly interprets the spirit of the territory, by representing its natural promotion tool, and wants to give everyone the opportunity to experience the true essence of the places, discover them and learn about them through the eyes of Turinese and Piedmontese citizens… by day and by night.

Discovering Turin with Torino Emotion means feeling the heartbeat of the city, being captivated by the flavours and sounds, exploring centuries-old traditions without missing the taste of new trends.

Discovering Turin with Torino Emotion means getting to know not only the city but also its people, going beyond the wonderful beauty that surrounds the old town, the parks, the hills and their beautiful nature routes, to fully experience the charm of a profound and complete city.

From the museums to Turin Underground, from the villages and mountains to great events, different facets of a unique experience that takes the shape that you most prefer: there are a thousand ways to discover Turin and Piedmont, you just have to decide which one to join.

A wide, diverse and detailed range of offers, an experienced and competent company that relies on the power of innovation to offer evocative itineraries and experiences out of the ordinary, tailored to customer needs.

Torino Emotion Incoming Tour Operator is the ideal partner also for tour operators and professionals of organized tourism, offering holiday packages for all needs: group or individuals holidays, themed trips, events and meetings, incentive trips. It is the ideal partner that provides the highest quality of service, speed and operational efficiency and high flexibility in building tailored and personalized holiday packages, as well as in providing individual services for tourists.

Torino Emotion, emotions to experience every day.