All of the beauty of Turin

Parks, hills, historic buildings and skyscrapers, Turin is the perfect compromise between city and nature: behind every door, framed by the porticoes, you find a surprise, a garden, a story, and the rapid process of change still ongoing represents an element of unrivalled charm.
In Turin, beauty is everywhere and you can see it in the sumptuous eighteenth-century buildings as well as in the large number of museums and art events, unique for their quality and the variety of cultures represented. You can find the taste of a balanced industrial upgrading, worthy of the most important European capitals, and in the lively nightlife made of places, Italian movida and music entertainment.

Visit places that have shaped the history of Italy together with our certified tour guides, get lost in the nigh with our City Sherpa to find out bars, clubs, shows and concerts with world-famous artists.

As a city full of emotions for those who have the opportunity to experience them, our city also offers a food and wine tradition among the most prestigious and renowned in the world, perfectly balanced with innovation and the many unexpected sides of the latest generation multi-ethnic Turin.

In Turin every corner is a revelation: the cosmopolitan ambitions of the first capital of Italy are the perfect counterpoint to the architectural beauties that span and retell six hundred years of European history; the old town with its characteristic narrow streets, the squares, the old churches, the great avenues, the stunning monuments make Turin a city always exciting and vibrant, enhanced by the embrace of the nearby Alps, which add majestic truth to the imagination.